San Miguel Fire District Issues

Four years ago our district was facing a financial crisis. That board wisely contracted with CAL FIRE, saving the taxpayers millions, as we went from a three year $5,000,000 budget shortfall to a 3-year $3,000,000 budget SURPLUS. At the same time, we provided a world-class fire department with reliable response times and highly-trained emergency service personnel. In an irresponsible 4-3 vote, the current board used a flawed in house study to support a stand-alone district with hidden costs and infrastructure needs that will significantly increase the funding of maintaining necessary services. We the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill.





About Me.

During my 31-year career as a Registered Civil Engineer and Board President of three non-profit organizations, my job required getting the absolute maximum value for each and every dollar we spent.  We desperately need Board members with that type of proven budget management experience. I have that experience and am eager to reverse this trend of reckless spending.

Together, we can save the San Miguel Consolidated Fire District.

Please cast your vote for William Kiel.

Endorsed by: California Republican Assembly

                      Supervisor Diane Jacob


Our District is in Trouble

Here are the issues:

  1. 1. By terminating that contract we will be forced to rehire our old employees and pay them an hourly salary which is 30% more than they currently make. We will be giving every current and future firefighter a 30% raise.

  2. 2.All the board members who voted to terminate the Cal-Fire contract received support from the old union, the same people who will benefit by returning to a stand alone district.

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